Astragalus Herb - It’s All In The Roots

Astragalus herbAstragalus is an immune boosting herb.

The immune stimulating astragalus herb is easy to use. Just add a tide up bunch to any soup or stew and receive the medicinal benefits that anyone can enjoy.


Astragalus membranaceus or milk vetch, Huang QI (Chinese) is an important Chinese herb and is used in many medicinal formulas.


This sweet tasting herb is delicious even when you eat a slice of the root by itself. This herb is warming to your body and is well suited to fend off the cold virus. In younger people it helps increase stamina and endurance.


Astragalus is native to Mongolia and the northern and eastern regions of China. Although not well known in the United States this amazing herb is slowly gaining popularity for its ability to fight the common cold among other uses.


This herb can even be grown in Zone 4 areas (where I live) of the hardiness zone of North America map. Although it takes about 4 years for the root to be big enough to harvest, in autumn, the wait is well worth it. And when planning ahead, plant a few seeds every year to have your own endless supply.

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Growing and Harvesting

Propagate the herb seed in spring or autumn. Scratch them before planting (scarified). Use two pieces of sand paper and rub gently. This helps to get the seed ready to germinate.


Plant the herb seeds in a somewhat sandy starting mixture using a small peat pot or other small herb pot container. Since, astragalus herb doesn’t like to be watered from the top, water it from the bottom. Start propagating your new medicinal herb in mid-February.


Before your know it, spring will be here!


Your beautiful astragalus herb plants will be ready to plant in late spring or early summer, but remember to harden off the plants first. Very important! You don’t want all your hard work to be for nothing.


It takes about 4 to 12 weeks for the transplant to be ready for your herb garden.


Astragalus flourishes in well-drained, loose sandy soil in full sun.


It needs a little extra nourishment, so stratch in some rich compost will help it thrive. Little water is needed in the summer months. It doesn’t like wet roots and will rotten before it can even be harvested. So, dry sandy soil is the best!


This herb plant has little pest problems.


Plant your astragalus herb plants in 1 foot center with a 2 – 3 spacing in between so the roots have room to grow.


It can grow to 6 feet in height and have a spread of 3 feet wide.  The yellow pea-like flowers bloom in early summer. The seed pods are up to 6 inches long and can be used to replant for the next group of astragalus herb roots.


After 3 – 4 years the long roots can be harvested in late fall. Clean the roots thoroughly. To dry the roots, cut and slice into smaller pieces to speed up drying in  7 – 12 days. Dry your roots in a dark dry closet or garage for best results.

The Benefits of Astragalus Herb...

This herb plant aids in digestion, increases your metabolism, (great for trying to lose weight), strengthens the immune system, and helps wounds and injuries to heal.

This is one of the amazing herb grown in my own medicinal herb garden.

Under the supervision of your herbalist  - astragalus is especially used when you have shortness of breath due to lung problems, weak energy, and prolapse of internal organs, unexplained sweating, cuts and abrasions, and insufficiency edema.


Use it when you're cooking...this herb taste sweet and is warming.

Tie 10 dried roots together, add it to your soup or stew and then discarded before eating your delicious homemade meal.


Or simply make a tea by placing 10 pieces of dried root and 3 pieces of dried cinnamon bark in your favorite cup and add hot water. Let this infuse for about 10 minutes and drink a cup twice a day for a cold remedy. A simple way you can make your own herb medicine.

Plant it in your culinary herb garden this year!

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