Medicinal Herbs
Herb Chart For Ones to Grow

Agrimony     Amalaki     Astragalus      Borage     Currants      Dill       Elderberry 

Garlic       Lavender         Marjoram       Oregano      Rosemary     Sage       Thyme

Many medicinal herbs are prized for their healing and pain relieving properties and have been used since ancient times and are still being used even more today.


The most important herb plants used today offer benefits that the pharmaceutical drugs often lack by helping the body to fight illness and support the body’s natural defenses to maintain good overall health.


Learning to use herb when you’re still feeling healthy is the best way to start using  herbs. Some medicinal herbs have to be used over a long period of time so your body will fight the viruses or bacteria before your body realizes you’re ill.


The benefits of herbs as herb medicine are easy to use when used under medical supervision with your qualified herbalist or doctor.  

Herb Chart for Medicinal Herbs...

Allergy herb relief

Take an infusion (tea) of golden rod, hyssop, lavender,

 marjoram or thyme -3 times per day

Anti-aging Herb ( Anti aging herb ) or Longevity Herbs

 These increase the quality of life and can be used daily.

Dandelion, nettle, burdock, and oats


Anti-anxiety Herb

Anti-anxiety herb, anxiety depression herb, anxiety herb,

anxiety herb social see below..


Borage flowers and leaves, cayenne, chamomile, ginger, ginkgo,

Gotu kola,  lavender, lemon balm, linden, peppermint, rosemary, sage,

spearmint, spirulina, valerian root, wintergreen


Arthritis Herb and Rheumatoid

(see a qualified herbalist to discover the contributing problem)


Cayenne and other hot peppers, celery seed, chickweed, dandelion root,

devil’s claw, evening primrose, ginger, green tea,  feverfew, fresh

pineapple not canned, stinging nettle, rosemary, turmeric,

valerian, yucca, willow bark


Eat the seeds of…borage, black currant, flaxseed and oil of fish,

flax seed, olive, nut and safflower


Asthma Herb

(see a qualified herbalist or doctor for adults and

children before taking these herb remedies)


Ginkgo, coffee and tea, garlic and onion, licorice (be careful), ephedra,

coleus, reishi mushroom, turmeric (do not use if you have gallstones or

any obstruction of the bile ducts), rosemary, astragalus, mullein

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Colds and Fevers

 Raw clove of garlic, rose hip tea, cayenne powder,

 Elderflower, peppermint, and yarrow together


Colds and Flu

 Lemon and honey hot tea, Echinacea, Elderflower (video), peppermint, yarrow

More Herbs To Use

Depression Herbs

 Lavender flowers with rosemary, skullcap, vervain


 Nutrition Herbs

 Incorporate these daily into your diet to nourish to body.

 Horsetail, passionflowers, cleavers, chickweed,

red clover, and lemon balm

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Tonic Herbs...

These herb plants strengthen, rehabilitate and tone the body and use

daily. Unless, on pharmaceutical drugs then check with

your qualified herbalist or doctor.


Blood – Burdock, dandelion, celery seed (counteracts acidity)

 Bones – Nettle, oats

 Brain – Ginkgo, gotu kola

 Circulation – Cayenne, ginger

 Digestionastragalus, dandelion leaf, dill, fennel, peppermint, sage

 Eyes – Bilberry, lutein (from ketchup – tomatoes or blueberries)

 Flatulence – Aniseed, caraway, dill, fennel, lemon balm, angelica root

 Hangover – Peppermint, wild thyme, yarrow and elderflower

 Heart (cardiovascular system) and High blood pressure

 (Note: a serious condition and must be checked by a

 health doctor before taking any of these herbs) –

Cayenne, garlic, hawthorn berries, linden blossom

and yarrow, dandelion leaves

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More Tonic Herbs...

KidneysDandelion leaf, nettle


Liver – Burdock root, dandelion root, tumeric


Menstrual cramps – Chamomile, valerian or feverfew


Menopausal – Dried berries of the chaste tree, motherwort,

St. John’s wort, purple sage


Muscles – Fo-ti, glucosamine sulfate


NervesBorage flowers and leaves, chamomile, ginseng,

linden blossoms,  lavender, nettle, oats


Nausea – (Note: see pregnant and childbirth) – Ginger,

powdered cinnamon bark,  cloves, peppermint,


Nervous system (endurance and stamina) – Fo-ti, astragalus,

American ginseng, Siberian ginseng


Pregnancy and childbirth – (Note: Ask your qualified herbalist or

doctor) -  see Nausea above and to tone and strengthen the tissue

and muscle of the uterus – raspberry leaf tea for the last

few months of pregnancy


Stomach ache – chamomile tea, dill, marshmallow

(Indigestion – catnip)


Varicose veins – Cayenne, ginger, buckwheat, hawthorn berries,

and horse chestnuts

Spirit – Flower essences, kava-kava (good stuff)


It is recommended that medicinal herbs be taken for a few weeks.

And then not used for a few weeks, unless other indicated above or by

your qualified herbalist or your doctor.


This will give your body a chance to recognize the benefits of the herbs,

but most importantly to let your body get used to the herbs.

Learn more about...building a basic herb garden or using herb recipes.

Agrimony     Amalaki     Astragalus      Borage     Currants      Dill       Elderberry

Garlic      Lavender         Marjoram       Oregano      Rosemary     Sage       Thyme

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