An Indoor Herb Garden
Brings A Little Green Indoors

Starting an indoor herb garden is not only fun and creative; it also taps into our inner urges to be closer to nature. When you bring some of nature indoors for either the winter months or simply for a year round indoor herb garden it brings a sense of satisfaction of gardening.

An indoor herb gardening is of special interest to the “green thumb” in garden lovers, elderly, handicapped, or a child’s craft project with your older gardener teaching you vital skills you’ll have the rest of your life.

Really all you need to provide is good soil, drainage, and air movement, air humidity from herbs being planted close together in groups, and especially sunlight or use Gro Lux lights for instance.

Set the plants near a sunny window or windowsill garden using culinary herbs.

When walking into your home welcome your visitors with a small bay tree or the fragrant evergreen of sweet myrtle.

Start an indoor herb garden in your sunny living room using lavender to freshen the room, scented geraniums, or lemon verbena. In your bathroom for fresher air plant mint because they love moisture.

In your bedroom near a lighted bedroom windowsill grow lavender for a more restful slumber.

Lastly, growing an herb garden in your kitchen on a sunny wall and including a hanging basket planting different lettuces, chives or sages brings nature just a little bit closer to you.

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Sage and Mints

Some great plants to grow indoors along with your indoor vegetable garden:

Sage,Salvia officinalis - preferably with sun

• S.o. ‘Prostratus’, Prostrate sage – balsamic flavor with a blue leaf color

• S.o. ‘Tricolor’ – mild flavor with green, pink, and white leaf coloring

• S.o. ‘Purpurea variegated’ – strong flavor with strong medicinal properties

• S.o. ‘Purpurea’ – (or red) sage, strong flavor, use for soar throats, “hot flashes”, cold and menopausal uses

• S.o. ‘Broad leaf’ – mild, seldom flowers with good uses for culinary or medicinal use

• S.o. “Icterina’ – mild, variegated common sage

• Spanish sage, S. lavandulifolia - or narrow leaf sage with a balsamic flavor used for teas

• Clary sage, S. sclarea - Grow this sage for two years like Parsley. With large wrinkled leaves and long lasting lilac flowers used to gently wash the eyes.

• Pineapple sage, S. elegans (S. rutilans) - This sage has deep red flowers late in summer with hints of pineapple flavored leaves.

All sages can be grown indoors with sunlight, but the best one to cultivate indoors is “Pineapple sage and Prostrate sage”.

Mints, Mentha species - sun or light

• Creeping pennyroyal, M. pulegium – bright green leaves with a strong peppermint flavor and scent when slightly bruised. The growing stems with self-root when touching soil. This mint grows to 6 inches in height.

• Corsican mint, M. requienii – super tiny, peppermint scented leaves and miniature flowers. This mint grows to 1 inch in height.

• Other low, creeping mints are suitable for an indoor herb garden. There are over 600 mint varieties to choose from.

This list is to wet your curiosity. To learn more I’ve included some links below for further explanations and added detail on growth, cultivation, and uses for a splendid indoor herb garden.

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