Spicy Sweet Scent Promotes
The Feeling of Happiness

Marjoram is one of the most popular herbs to use in culinary cooking and medicinal herb medicine.

The essential oil is excellent when used as a relaxing aromatherapy massage relieving anxiety of calming the nerves.

The ointment helps alleviate rheumatic pain and tension.

This herb has a cool minty flavor and its fragrance is just heavenly.


The history of Origanum majorana, sweet or knotted marjoram was described by Shakespeare as the “herb of grace,” to protect people from the plague.

The sweet smell promotes joyfulness and was created by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who gave it the spicy sweet scent.

This herb used to have its own place in the herb world, but has since been put with the oregano herb and therefore is part of the Origanum species.

Growing Tips

This herb is an excellent for a kitchen herb garden , medicinal herb and best of all deer resistant.  Plant one of the best herb plants for your culinary herb garden or aromatherapy herb garden.

Since it’s from the Mediterranean this herb requires full sun in a dry warm spot with excellent drainage. It doesn’t like it roots to always be wet and soggy. If the soil is rich in nutrients it will produce a strong full-bodied flavor.

Gather the leaves before it flowers to retain the most culinary flavor and medicinal properties. Freeze or dry the leaves. Preserve in oil or make some delicious herbal vinegar. The flowering tops are easily dried for herbal tea.

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Marjoram Medicinal Uses

Flowers: The flowers are used as infused teas to help with…

Bronchial complaints, asthma herb
Tension headaches
Minor digestive complaints
Nervous disorder, anxiety, depression
Painful menstruation
Not given to pregnant women

Externally the flowering tops are made into an

antiseptic poultice (mashed) for…

Bronchial congestion
Muscular pain, arthritis
Sprains, stiff joints

Essential Oil

Food flavoring
Perfumery, soaps, and hair products


Sweet marjoram is used in potpourri and dream pillows


Furniture polish – pulverize the leaves or make a strong decoction
Bouquet garni
Attract bees and other beneficial insects

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This culinary herb has a more delicate flavor than oregano so use it fresh and towards the end of cooking like parsley. The leaves are great tasting when added with meat dishes, soups, tomato sauces, and pastas, and to flavor oil and herb vinegar.

Chop the aromatic leaves for salads and butter sauces for fish. This edible herb is great for stuffing fresh fish such as haddock with breadcrumbs for a simple meal.

Place the stem on the barbecue for a faint flavor.

This is a great herb for an indoor herb garden or kitchen herb garden. Grow this herb to help deal with the wintry blues.

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Sweet marj. – This spicy herb variety is great with soups, stews, stuffing and rubbed into meats. Zone 9-11

Variegated marj. – This has attractive white-yellow variegated leaves and is similar in flavor to oregano. Zone 4-9

This edible herb is recognized as one of the most popular herbs to use in culinary and medicinal use. This sweet marj. herb has a beautiful fragrance that inspires happiness and a relaxing herb for stress, anxiety and promotes a restful slumber.

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